Semester 2: Students can choose among different partner universities

Goal: To deepen their knowledge in different topics/subjects

Semester focus: Detailed information in specific disciplines that are needed to expand prior knowledge on systems evaluation and design and to become confident professionals. The students will gain specific knowledge, tools and methods depending on the courses offered at the different universities.

Please contact the programme coordinator to get more information about the following options as modules at these universities can vary from year to year.

FranceAgro3 cooperating partners for the second semester:

  1. University of Hohenheim :
  2. University of Kassel-Witzenhausen : (pas de changement)
  3. University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna :
  4. University of Helinski : à supprimer
  5. Sant’Anna :
  6. Iowa State University :
  7. University of Wisconsin, Madison :
  8. ESALQ :
  9. Chapingo :
  10. NMBU : (pas de changement)
  11. ISARA :

Download the core Modules Description : click here !