(Number of credits: 30 ECTS)

The Master’s thesis is made during the 4th and last semester of the MSc Agroecology.

It consists of: 6 months research work on a topic with a research center, company, university or organization in the related field.

All students registered for the double degree programme carry out their master thesis under the supervision of one supervisor from NMBU and one supervisor from ISARA .

ISARA will provide offers of Master’s theses, but students can also find other opportunities if they wish. The subject is proposed by the students and agreed upon by the supervisors.

The objectives of the Master’s thesis are as follow:

– Independent realisation of a research project on a topic related to agroecology,

– Ability to apply theories, concepts and methods acquired during the study programme, to document the application and reflexion of research methods, as well as to develop research questions and hypotheses and reflect on them within an international research context,

– Ability to present and explain the planning and progress of the thesis and the methods used for the research,

– Ability to present and defend the work of the thesis in a master thesis defence.