At Isara during the fall semester, agroecology brings students together. Coming from different origins : MSc Agroecology with NMBU, MSc Agroecology – Organic Agriculture with Wageningen and guest’s students from partner’s universities. They will spend 4 months together. Sharing group projets, field trips, lectures and French Lessons.”

Testimony of Charan KRISHNA – student in master of science in agroécology

Students of the programme

Timothée VERNIER from France

Jean Marc DELORE from Switzerland

Georgia FORSYTH, student from Scotland

Lennart FUCHS, student from Netherlands


Zohralyn HOMULLE “The teachers at Isara are very involved and close to students”.

Where are you from?  I am from the Netherlands

What did you study before coming to Isara for the Master Agroecology? 

I studied Plant sciences at Wageningen for my bachelor. Then, I decided to move towards a more international programme. I wanted to visit different countries, so I chose this master in agroecology which was offering this opportunity: studying in Norway and France.

Your experience in NMBU? 

We did a lot of action learning, studying farm cases, food cases… We had a lot of agriculture initiative, more group work instead of seating in a class.

It was a very new approach of teaching. This learning process was interesting. It was a good experience to work in group, by our own. I think it had a big impact on the way I learn and I receive the teaching.

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Studying agroecology at Isara

“I want to be a farmer and I chose Isara because I felt it will give me the best opportunity and exposure to agriculture, especially in France. I am recipient of the scholarship Terra Isara and I am so happy, I was able to receive it. It supports me while I am here then I can focus on my study.”

Passionate about  agroecology and sustainability

Erica Reisman is an American student. She chose the MSc Agroecology programme in partnership with NMBU (Norway). She is interested in small and mid-sized farms, particularly in the question of how they could increase their revenue and efficiency in a manner that is both ecologically generative and without sacrificing the integrity of their products.

“For many years now, I’ve frequented farmers markets, read countless books and articles about food and farming, and attended organic.”

She did her master thesis on Financial sustainability of community supported agriculture in Europe.