Employers worldwide dealing with agriculture and/or environment such as local, regional and global institutions (e.g. technical institutes, chambers for agriculture, ministries), extension services, development agencies and private companies (e.g. agro-alimentary industry, consultant agencies) are seeking practical and innovative professionals who can handle complexity and change and who have excellent communication skills.
In response, we are providing students with experiential education in farming and food systems. We are educating people with an enhanced capacity of integrating scientific knowledge and skills with complex real-life situations, and we help students assess and evaluate their attitudes toward change and making a difference in the world. Goal is to educate graduates that are able to link theoretical knowledge to concrete real-life challenges, and develop autonomous learning capacity to adapt to an uncertain and rapidly changing future.
Job opportunities for them will be in the domain of agriculture, rural development and environmental conservation.

In particular:

• in the direction, administration, management, technical-economical advisory and control of agricultural and agro-alimentary enterprises
• in studies of consultancy agencies and different institutions on agroecosystems and their interactions with urban and rural life for the creation and implementation of regional, local, national and even international development plans
• in studies, supervision and evaluation carried out by institutions, administrations and consultancy agencies dealing with public politics (regional, national, European, international) implicated in agricultural production and/or environmental protection.

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