Testimony – student of MSc agroecology !!

Zohralyn Homulle

Where are you from?  I am from the Netherlands

What did you study before coming to Isara for the Master Agroecology? 

I studied Plant sciences at Wageningen for my bachelor. Then, I decided to move towards a more international programme. I wanted to visit different countries, so I chose this master in agroecology which was offering this opportunity: studying in Norway and France.

Your experience in NMBU? 

We did a lot of action learning, studying farm cases, food cases… We had a lot of agriculture initiative, more group work instead of seating in a class.

It was a very new approach of teaching. This learning process was interesting. It was a good experience to work in group, by our own. I think it had a big impact on the way I learn and I receive the teaching.

What about Isara? 

The teachers at Isara are very involved and close to students. We went to Luberon in September, it was beautiful, each group had its own directive, and it was also a bit challenging having everything in French… Her, we will have both practice and theory. I enjoy the programme.

Why choosing this master? 

After finishing my bachelor, I wanted to go further into the social aspect of agriculture, and I thought that agroecology would bring me this aspect. The international dimension of the programme was also very attractive.

What is your Professionnal project? 

I would like to go to South America for my internship, but maybe it will be too challenging. It could be good to stay at the same place for a while, because during my master I have been travelling a lot. But I like it so much!

I would like to work for FAO, mixing agriculture and organization, that would be great !

What was your first impression of Lyon? 

The French backery is very nice and the weather is pretty nice here !!

 What was your first impression of Isara? 

The building is nice, classrooms are very modern. Teachers are very good at their job. The library is great. Good place to work !